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Loan Calculator

Use the finance calculator to calculate an auto loan payment based on sales price, or a sales price based on a car finance payment.

In either case you will need to enter the auto loan term in months, any cash down, how much your trade is worth, what you owe on your trade, the estimated interest rate, non-taxable sales fees such as registration, title, or license plate fees, and the sales tax rate of your city or county.

When you've finished, click "View Report" at the bottom of the calculator for an amortization schedule of the loan.
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Simple Interest Auto Loan Amortization
Most car loans payment calculations are based on the Simple Interest method. With simple interest, your car loan finance charges are based on applying the interest rate to the balance of the loan. Other methods of calculation include Compound Interest and Add-On interest rates.

Our auto loan payment calculator uses the simple interest auto loan amortization method to produce the amortization schedule, which contains the estimated balance of the loan at future monthly intervals. If your lender uses a different method to calculate your car loan payments, the amortization schedule produced by this calculator will not be accurate for your situation.