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Auto Net Credit centers are located thoughout the United States inside of select New Car and Used Car auto marts. We help people with

  • Auto loans with fair credit
  • No credit car loans
  • Poor credit financing
  • And very bad credit auto loans
  • Prequalify for an auto loan today!

Our service is free for consumers and the online application takes only moments to complete and get approved for easy auto financing.

Once you are prequalified for an auto loan you can visit a local auto mart and shop with confidence. Since 2001 our service has helped hundreds of thousands of people with special credit needs buy a new or used car.

Instant Auto Financing Pre-Qualification Form
Apply for fast auto financing online,
even with past credit problems.

Prequalify for Auto Loan Approval

When searching for financing with bad, poor, and fair credit you have some options that you may be already prequalified for. Auto loan options in most areas can include guaranteed car loans that are designed to get people with problem credit approved for financing!

To prequalify for an auto loan approval all it takes is an easy auto loan application as long as you are able to produce your income and residence.


Questions about Co-Signers & Co-Buyers


When someone co-signs for a car loan they are obligated to pay if the primary buyer defaults on the loan. Typically parents, mom and dad, cosign for thier childs first car loan. A cosigner, however, does not have to be related. They can be a friend or associate, in fact, co-signers can live out of state. A cosigner can help you either get an approval or get a better approval. If the cosigners credit score is high enough the finance company may offer a better rate or extended term. When the lender looks at your ability to repay the loan they will not consider the income of the co-signer. It other words they will not add your income with the co-signers.

With a co-buyer the incomes are added together. Typically, co-buyers live at the same address and must be a relative or the spouse of the primary buyer.

Documents Required
For Fair Credit

Aside from a paystub, there is no documentation required for people with fair credit. Most fair credit approvals require zero money down.

For No Credit Score

In addition to proof of income, people with no credit score need proof of residence, a handful of personal references, and a working phone. Most no credit score approvals require $1,000 down payment, either cash or trade-in.

For Poor Credit / Bad Credit

The documentation required for people with poor credit is the same as no credit score buyers. Most poor credit approvals require $550 down payment, either cash or trade-in.

You Work, You Drive
Credit scores aren't the only things that matter.
If you work full-time, you can get approved.