Car Loans for Horrible Credit


Good, fair, poor, bad, and down right horrible credit auto loans really do exist. People often ask how to find car loans with horrible credit, all it takes is some simple research really. It seems like year after year car loans for people with horrible credit have been increasing in popularity across the United States and Canada.

We can match you with a local dealership that has many types of funding as long as you have:

  • At least $1,500 of gross monthly income
  • Current US or Canadian resident
  • 18+ years of age
  • No repossessions in last year (unless included in a bankruptcy)

With so many used car dealers that accept people with credit problems, getting approved for car loans to buy vehicles sold on their lot is easy.

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even with past credit problems.

Horrible Credit Car Loans


Typically all dealerships will provide some sort of auto financing. Most franchised car dealers will use a bank to provide financing to their customers; which is not the easiest to get guaranteed auto financing with less than perfect credit.

Getting an auto loan through a bank is much more difficult to do with terrible credit. The cost for a national organization to recover any assets (repossession for example) if a loan is defaulted on is more expensive, so a history of credit problems is a big red flag.


Approved Easy Auto Loans


When you are looking for an easy car loan with horrible credit, your best chance of being accepted is by applying online. Our network of new and used car dealers and other financing institutions provide people with problem credit the car loans they need to get back on the road. Getting approved is simple, fill out the loan application and let our system do the work for you; after about 24-48 hours you will be contacted with your results, try checking your email for further instructions as well.


About Auto Net Credit

Auto Net Credit Centers are located throughout the United States inside of select new car and used car auto marts. We help people with fair credit, no credit, or poor credit qualify for automotive financing. Our service is free for consumers and the online application takes only moments to complete.

Once you are prequalified for an auto loan, you can visit a local auto dealer and shop with confidence. Since 2001, our service has helped hundreds of thousands of people with special credit needs buy a new or used car.

93% Credit Approval Rate
Most of the people who apply for auto financing through us get approved, even with credit issues.