Local Used Car Lots


When you are ready to start the search for the vehicle that you are looking to purchase the best chance of finding something you like is always something you see on you way to and from work or around your neighborhood. So why not start the process off at your local used car lots? It is usually a place that you have been to or you may know of people that have purchased from them before.

There are some great things that you could look forward to when working with local used car lots, one of them is the fact that you can start off the process with out any hassles because they are so close to you. This makes getting together the things needed to prequalify for auto loans much easier.

Look at it like this say for example you took them your pay stubs but not your renter agreement, it is better to go up the road to drop off the items then to go 30 mile don't you agree.

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Another great thing that comes from local dealerships in your area is the fact that there are quite a few that are considered self financing car dealers. These types of dealerships work in the favor of bad credit car buyers that have been just about everywhere looking to get financing for used vehicles with no success what so ever. Self financing car dealers conduct their own financing for the consumers to get into vehicle. This is usually looked at as a last resort for the worst off credit type situations that the traditional banks, lenders, credit unions and dealerships would not touch.

The process of working with your local used car lots that are operating as self financing car dealerships follows that same structure as the traditional dealership with one exception. When getting approved for an auto loan through local in house financing car lots your loan payments are not reported to the bureaus. But that does not mean you are not taking the necessary steps to rebuilding your credit, it just will have to show in other areas on the reports like bills and collections.


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Auto Net Credit Centers are located throughout the United States inside of select new car and used car auto marts. We help people with fair credit, no credit, or poor credit qualify for automotive financing. Our service is free for consumers and the online application takes only moments to complete.

Once you are prequalified for an auto loan, you can visit a local auto dealer and shop with confidence. Since 2001, our service has helped hundreds of thousands of people with special credit needs buy a new or used car.

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