Subprime Auto Leads


If your closing ratios on your subprime auto lead sales are not what they should be, it could be because the customers think they are going to win a prize or they have already been contacted by a dealer. Do you know why?

The world of internet lead sales is a crazy business, no doubt about it. To make matters worse, good subprime auto loan leads are even harder to find. There are, literally, hundreds of companies out there vying for your business. Many of these special finance leads providers make it a practice to sell their leads more than one time to more than one dealer. So how do you, as a car dealer, differentiate between the "good" lead providers and the "less than good" (I'm trying to be diplomatic) lead providers?

It all starts with the web portal. If your leads haven't been working for you, it could be because you're using the wrong lead company that's generating leads the wrong way. What is the wrong way? The wrong way could be a lead that is generated using deceptive tactics. These tactics include everything from guaranteeing a loan to deceiving the applicant into thinking they are entering a contest. Not only are these buyers not motivated, but many of them are expecting a call letting them know what kind of prize they've won. A call from a car dealer may be the last thing on their minds when they answer the phone ? not exactly the warm call your finance department was expecting to make.

We have been in the special finance leads business since 1992. Our special finance lead experience has led us to believe that the best way to attract qualified customers is to be up front about the realities of the special finance process. Our web site covers the entire sales process, stressing the involvement of the local dealer that specializes in bad credit car loans. Our portal also includes a resource center and a pre-qualification list that includes, among other things, income, debt, and residence requirements.

There are other reasons why our special finance leads are better. We use the national search engines of Google, Yahoo and MSN to drive customers to our site. Once they find us (and, quite frankly, it's pretty hard not to), we are upfront about what we can and cannot do for them ? setting the right expectations from the beginning. We don't entice visitors with the promise of prizes or unrealistic expectations.

Our leads are also better because our application is the best in the business. Many lead sales sites give you an incomplete look at the customer by furnishing only a minimal amount of information on the application. Our credit application contains 42 fields. This may sound like a lot, but it saves you time at your dealership and eliminates a lot of the guesswork that can occur with a subprime lead. It also means that our customers spend more time filling out the application which, to us, means that they're serious about buying a car. And don't worry about entering all that information when you get it: our proprietary software will display all the information contained in the application and allow you to track your customers through the entire lead sales process.

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