How to finance a car with bad credit


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Auto Loan Refinance


There are a number of reasons why you should go to a web site for a bad credit auto loan refinance instead of driving around the corner to a local dealer or going to your neighborhood bank. Most dealers, for one, aren't interested in refinancing your vehicle. They're in business to sell new and used automobiles and the fact that you are looking to refinance and not to buy should make this obvious.

Just as the auto loan refinance process is different, so is the lender that can help you with refinance. Many banks choose not to deal with subprime customers because it is a very specialized field and none have a guaranteed auto loan program for refinancing.

Subprime loans require more effort than regular loans in the sense that more documentation is required and this information needs to be verified before the loan can be funded. If anything goes wrong in the documentation process, the loan will not go through and both the customer as well as the bank loses.

One thing that especially important to consider with auto loan refinancing is your equity position in the vehicle. Banks that deal with loan refinancing carefully consider if you have enough equity with your current loan before they will consider a refinance application. As such, it's almost a requirement that you are at least half way through your original loan before you consider a refinance.

Part of this process is the appraisal of your vehicle. High miles, body damage and running condition will all play a part in the appraisal process. Any one of these items will drop the value and possibly cause a rejection of the loan application.


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