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Auto Net Credit Center dealerships have access to the leading indirect lending networks for credit unions. That means they can shop your car loan with multiple credit unions to make sure you get the best credit union auto loan. After you complete the auto loan approval process a local representative will instantly process your quote request and contact you to discuss your needs to determine which car loan option is best suited for your situation.

Why should you use Auto Net Credit to get a car loan from a credit union when you could walk in and get a loan directly from your local credit union? All credit unions are not created equal. Interest rates and auto loan repayment terms vary from credit union to credit union. Additionally, some credit unions will approve loans for people with poor credit. Technology allows Auto Net Credit dealerships to compare your credit profile and vehicle purchase specifications with not only local and national credit unions, but banks, lenders, and manufacturer owned finance comapnies.

Unlike traditional auto loans from a bank or finance companies, to get a credit union car loan you must become a member of the credit union. Most credit unions allow the dealership to complete the paperwork needed for membership. Using a dealership to find the best credit union auto loan will save you not only money but time as well.

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About Auto Net Credit

Auto Net Credit Centers are located throughout the United States inside of select new car and used car auto marts. We help people with fair credit, no credit, or poor credit qualify for automotive financing. Our service is free for consumers and the online application takes only moments to complete.

Once you are prequalified for an auto loan, you can visit a local auto dealer and shop with confidence. Since 2001, our service has helped hundreds of thousands of people with special credit needs buy a new or used car.

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