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Auto Net Credit Centers offer premier auto financing for fair credit scores. We have traditional loans from banks, credit unions, as well as AAA loans from indirect lenders available only through our local auto marts and outlets. After you complete the auto loan approval process a representative will discuss your needs and determine which options are best suited for your situation.

People with fair credit will often get premier auto finance interest rate auto loan through an indirect lender. Banks and credit unions are direct lenders. Often they have predefined rates for people with great credit, good credit, and fair credit. Direct lenders lend money directly to the consumer whereas indirect lenders lend money to consumers but only through local auto dealers.

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Fair Credit Auto Loan Rates


So why is it that auto financing for fair credit often has lower rates with indirect lenders compared to direct lenders? First and foremost, indirect lenders often have an alternative reason for offering low rate fair credit auto loans. Take, for example, indirect lenders such as Ford Credit and Toyota Financial Services. Lenders such as these will often approve low rate car loans with less than a AAA credit rating so they can move their inventories from dealership lots.

Other lenders, such as Drive Financial Services and Americredit Financial Services, primarily approve consumers with fair, or less than fair credit, and only offer their instant approval auto loans through their dealership partners.In other words, you cannot apply directly with them and shop as a cash buyer afterward. One of the main reason these lenders only finance car loans through local dealers is to ensure the vehicles they finance are in good working order and have a high likelihood of lasting the term of the loan. These lender have no guarantees when you purchase a vehicle from a non network dealer or private seller.

Auto Net Credit and Auto Sales Centers feature premier auto outlets selling new or used cars. If you have a fair credit score and utilize our service you're likely to find a better interest rate, in far less time, than if you applied only with direct lenders.


About Auto Net Credit

Auto Net Credit Centers are located throughout the United States inside of select new car and used car auto marts. We help people with fair credit, no credit, or poor credit qualify for automotive financing. Our service is free for consumers and the online application takes only moments to complete.

Once you are prequalified for an auto loan, you can visit a local auto dealer and shop with confidence. Since 2001, our service has helped hundreds of thousands of people with special credit needs buy a new or used car.

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