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Auto Net Credit Centers can offer all types of guaranteed auto loans for new and used vehicles if you qualify. After you complete our easy car loan approval process a representative will contact you to discuss your needs.

They will help determine which options are best suited for your situation with traditional loans offered from various types of lenders, such as:

When you apply for a guaranteed auto financing approval, the first thing you'll want to do is to set realistic expectations about a number of things and make sure you qualify. First and foremost, choosing the correct car is the most important part of a guaranteed auto loan. Once the auto mart has set a budget for you, they should be able to give you a choice of 3 or more cars. Choose wisely as your interest rate will be much higher than normal, so be sure the vehicle you choose will last (at least) the length of your loan.

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Establishing or reestablishing your credit with guaranteed car finance is not a time to get the big sport utility vehicle that you've always wanted. Even if your income qualifies you for one (which is rare), the price of gas and insurance plus your monthly payment, it just doesn't make sense. Allow for unexpected expenses in your budget and keep car payments as low as possible. Instead of that big SUV, consider a more affordable sedan or even a minivan (a minivan gives you the room of an SUV with better gas mileage).

Once you have picked a vehicle have it inspected by an ASE Certified Master Mechanic. Don't rely on a car lot or some used car history report to verify a "clean" vehicle history. While these reports are a good stepping-off point, most insurance companies don't send them any information so the information they contain could very well be incomplete. Given a couple of hours, a good mechanic can tell you all you want to know about a car - from how it was driven (using a compression check) to whether or not it was in an accident.


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The next thing to consider is guaranteed auto financing itself. Keep the loan term as short as possible. Especially for your first auto loan with poor credit (the process to rebuild your credit could take at least one additional subprime loan at a lower rate), the interest rate will be high, so the shorter the term, the less interest you will be paying. This also goes back to your choice of a car. If you have picked the right kind of car, it will be easier to shorten the loan term.

If you have additional room in your budget once you've cut down on the term, you should consider the purchase of GAP insurance and/or an extended warranty to cover the length of the finance contract.

GAP Insurance
will pay off the difference between the worth of your vehicle and what you owe on your finance contract should your vehicle be totaled in an accident.
Extended Warranty
will protect you from the possibility of ruinous repair bills should a major mechanical system on your car fail.
Not Recommended Add-ons: (especially for a guaranteed car loan)
  • Window Etching
  • Rust proofing
  • Fabric protection


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