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I know that there is a lot of talk about dealerships that offer help to car buyers that have bad credit, but remember if they can help a bad credit car buyer then you know they will be able to provide auto financing for fair credit consumers.

When it comes to finding the best auto finance for fair credit buyers, even though they are a step above a bad credit consumer, that can go both ways. It just really depends on how the lenders or dealerships scale the overall credit. Some dealers or lenders go by credit scores and this could work in someones favor that has some minor issues but not enough to bring down the score itself. These buyers with the higher score can be considered to have fair credit.

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Fair Credit Auto Financing


If you are working with a lender or dealer and you are looking to prequalify for an auto loan there are some requirements that have to be met first. In many cases the average consumer will mistake this for the actual approval. But this is not the case, when you prequalify you are meeting the minimum requirement set by the dealer to begin the process to get into a vehicle. These steps can be income, job time, residence time and having a valid checking account. Keep in mind that people with fair credit, no credit, or poor credit can prequalify for an auto loan.

For most buyers they have been to dealership after dealership with out the end result of getting into a vehicle. This can happen for a number of reasons from not going to the dealer that could assist with there particular situation to just not having any good pieces of credit for the lenders to work with. When this is the case then the bad or poor credit buyers need to start looking for self financing car dealers. Now these dealers go by a lot of different names depending on your region. However, if you are conducting searches the best place to start is


Used Car Financing with Fair Credit


There you will have access to a network of your job is your credit car lots. These types of dealerships really come in handy when a person with fair credit, no credit, or poor credit is looking to prequalify for an auto loan or just simply looking to find auto finance for their particular credit circumstances.



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Auto Net Credit Centers are located throughout the United States inside of select new car and used car auto marts. We help people with fair credit, no credit, or poor credit qualify for automotive financing. Our service is free for consumers and the online application takes only moments to complete.

Once you are prequalified for an auto loan, you can visit a local auto dealer and shop with confidence. Since 2001, our service has helped hundreds of thousands of people with special credit needs buy a new or used car.

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